An Elevator Pitch


Elevator Pitch

By Staff Writer

Someone asked me the other day how my nephew’s job search was going and how was his elevator pitch. That started me thinking about the fact that when I was in management, I never heard of an elevator pitch. Now they are all the rage in networking in Ottawa.

Do you know what an elevator pitch is? Do you have one? Do you know how to design one? I thought perhaps this would be a very good topic for all job seekers to review or learn about now.

An elevator pitch is essential the newest way to answer the question “what do you do?” In the past we would say “Oh I manage a telemarketing room” or “I run a 70 person design shop”. Now your name, rank and serial number – seriously your name, job title and responsibilities are not nearly enough. You need an elevator pitch.

An elevator pitch is a 45 seconds commercial about yourself. It is your marketing spiel for you. It is your calling card to get the attention of someone else. In a world that is moving so much faster than ever before we have to continually find ways to get someone’s attention. The elevator pitch is your personal branding statement and your chance to state what you are good at and who can benefit from what you are good at.

It is important that however you word it; it must be geared to the listener so that anyone can understand it. It must be simple yet complete in conveying the information you want to convey. The points you should be sure to include are as we said previously getting the attention of you audience – so you want to make an impact in the first 5-8 seconds.

After you have their attention tell them who you are and what you have to offer. Then tell them what you will deliver to or for them. Let it come from your heart more than your head. Tell a story rather than giving name, rank and serial number. Make it engaging but always, always real and authentic. Whatever you do make it real and make it unique to you.

This is about you, not the company you work for or the one you used to work for. This is your brand, your talent and your promises that you bring to the listener. Tell the listener in the first 8 sec whether you are employed or not. Like any other “pitch” you have to practice and practice till you are comfortable with it and can say it from memory but not rote.

Just remember that this is an introduction of your experience, your skills, your talents but it is more than that. It is your brand – your personal brand – not your company brand. You can and should put it on your website. Oh yes that’s right you need your own website as your branding platform and then you can put your elevator pitch at the top of your website.


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