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Labour/Delivery Nurses

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How to Get into a Career as a Labor and Delivery Nurse

Becoming a labor and delivery nurse in Ottawa is an adrenaline filled career offering the sought after rewards of deep personal bonds with patients, ability to work with adult and infant patients, and the excitement of the emergency room with an almost always …

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Job Interview Follow Ups

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Follow-up and Get the Job

In this electronic day and age in Ottawa, you might think it is ok to just dash off one ‘Thank you’ email and move on to the next interview. This might have worked once upon a time but it is no longer sufficient. You don’t want to overdo it, but …

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Thank You Letter

Too Many Thank You’s Could Cost You the Job

I know that every professional career coach or executive recruiter in Ottawa has encouraged every single client to follow up their interviews with thank you notes. It is critical for you to do so, however it seems that too many thank you’s could cost you that …

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Managing Work Stress

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Less Stress at Work

The employee of the future will need to be calm. The employees of the future will need to know how to reduce their stress levels. As both the personal lives and the work lives of all of us are become more and more stressful, new ways to relieve that stress must …

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How to Become A Diabetes Nurse

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What it Takes to be a Diabetes Nurse

As a Registered Nurse (RN) in Ottawa, you have a lot of choices in your career. You can stay a generalist or you can be a specialist in any field you choose. Do you love kids? Become a pediatric nurse. Want to work with the elderly? Become …

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Planning Today For Tomorrow’s Jobs


Planning Today for Tomorrow’s Jobs

Instead of working so hard now, it might make sense to use the same amount of time to plan and prepare for the jobs that will be available tomorrow. What are the fastest growing, high wage jobs that will be available in Ottawa say, 2020?  Instead of spinning your …

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Headhunting Jobs

Health Care Jobs

Be Your Own Headhunter

In this article, we are going to look how you can be your own headhunter and do the things head hunter would normally do, especially in an employer driven economy.

The reason it is important to know how to be your own headhunter in an employer driven economy is because when …

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Sales Management

Elevator Pitch

Moving Up the Ladder to Sales Management           

After paying your dues in the trenches, or what you think is enough time paying your dues, you want to move up to sales management. How do you go about it and how do you get noticed as a potential sales manager and leader without alienating your co-workers …

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Professional Resume Writing

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Keeping Your Resume Professional

In this electronic communication world it is more important than ever that when you sit down to write your resume you keep it strictly professional and of high quality. Remember that one of the primary ways that you will use to get your resume into the hands of a hiring manager …

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Finding Jobs on Twitter

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Can Twitter Get You Hired?

We hear so much about social media in the hiring process these days but sometimes it is hard to figure out how to use it to your advantage. Can Twitter get you a job in Ottawa? If so how? What do you need to do? How can you possibly squeeze …

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