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If you are looking for a career change and an opportunity that looks likely to offer good jobs and good pay for years to come, look no farther than Healthcare Information Technology. What is HIT and what kind of training is needed and opportunities available?

In general Health Information Technology is an umbrella of health information management systems. It is a system of computerized information across secure exchange servers that allow insurers, government entities, providers, quality entities, and healthcare consumers.

Now what does all that mean? According to several academic professionals Health Information Technology consists of areas of work and study that include medical records, insurance reimbursement coding, electronic health records, electronic billing and reimbursement, movement of treatments to an ambulatory center, increased abuse and fraud surveillance and less acute care hospitals.

What HIT Will Do For Healthcare

It is widely assumed that Healthcare Information Technology is a leading answer to the need for improvement in safety, quality and efficiency. It is believed that HIT will bring:

• Reduction in healthcare costs

• Increased productivity and efficiency in healthcare

• Work and administrative process improvements

• Improved quality and effectiveness in healthcare

• Less healthcare paperwork

• Improved communications between healthcare professionals in real time

• Expanded access to affordable healthcare

Job Opportunities in HIT

• Health Information Manager for Integrated Systems

• Patient Information Coordinator

• Clinical Data Specialist

• Information Security Manager

• Data Quality Manager

• Data Resource Administrator

• Research and Decision Support Specialist

• Compliance and Privacy Officers

• Clinical Documentation Coordinator

• Educators

• Medical Informatics

• Vendor Representatives

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists 170,000 current Healthcare Information Technology

professions in the US today. Over 40 percent of these are employed in the hospital

systems. It is expected that more HIT professionals will be found in private practices in

the future and a growth rate of 18% per year is expected.

These HIT professionals were earning on average $33,000 in 2008. The highest paying

jobs are considered to be in the pharmaceutical industry and medicine manufacturers.


There are tremendous opportunities available in the field of Healthcare Information

Technology and the above titles are only a sampling. Almost every institution and every

individual practice involved in healthcare in the coming decades will have to become

involved in Healthcare Information Technology. This will create opportunities that we

cannot even conceive of at this time.

More and more universities, colleges and technical schools are offering courses and

degrees in Healthcare Information Technology from certifications to associate degrees,

to Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees. Even if you are already a professional in

this field, now is the time to hone your skills, take a few updated classes and gain some

additional certifications.

Take a good look around your current workplace and professional associations to see

what new opportunities and new job titles are already being created that you might be

able to slide into today and have an early impact on the future of the field. The most

important thing to know about Healthcare Information Technology career opportunities

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