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How to get a job in Ottawa as a new immigrant


Are you looking for jobs in Ottawa and interested in moving to Canada? Moving to a new country is not always easy. First you have to go through the legal process of applying for a visa or residency, or if you are lucky you get a job with a company that will help speed up that process. Whichever way you go through there is always a little bit of a headache and hassle, it is never as easy as it seems.
Once you’ve got your work visa or residency, the next step is to start the job search. Ottawa is full of opportunities. There are many jobs out there for so many different industries. So, the first thing you need to do is narrow it down to what industries you would qualify best for (e.g.: I.T, Engineering, Customer Service, etc.). Most jobs will require some work experience, in Ottawa most companies are looking for those with Canadian work experience or equivalent.
Do not be discouraged! Make sure to have your resume ready and an amazing cover letter as well and start applying for as many jobs as you can! Good Luck to all newcomers!!!


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