How To Get Hired After Getting Fired


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How to Get Hired after Getting Fired    

It may seem like a daunting task to go out and look for a job in Ottawa after being fired from you last one. What do you say to the potential new employer? Did you get fired or downsized? The result is the same but the circumstances and how you are received by potential new employers is drastically different.   Do you say you were downsized when you were really fired?

To begin with honesty is always the best policy. Don’t say you were laid off when you really were fired. Tell the truth, but turn it into a positive in some way. Everyone is let go by an employer at some point in their career. It happens to everyone. So don’t let it shame you or discourage you. Get back on the horse and start riding again.

You are now going to have at least a small amount of free time and you need to make the best use of it in evaluating your career and planning your next move. This gives you the opportunity to evaluate the job market and your experience and skills. Are you happy with your field of endeavor? Are you passionate about your work? Does the current job market support your skills and experience or should you get additional training or education? The time after being fired is the ideal time for this kind of evaluation.

Once you have done your evaluation you can take the steps to get a new job.

  • The first and most important thing you have to work on is your own disposition. If you feel guilty or ashamed it will show. Do not go on an interview until you have worked through these feelings. If you are discouraged don’t let that show either.
  • Rework you resume and bring it up to date. Don’t list “Reason for Leaving” for any of your positions. Be prepared to answer this question but don’t open the door for the recruiter.
  • Consider relocation. If this is a possibility it allows for a cleaner, fresher start. Now is the best time to explore whether you want to live and work somewhere else.
  • Check with your references. Make sure they will still give you a good reference. If you decide to pursue a career in another field, be sure you have references for that field as well.
  • Don’t be afraid of THE question. Face it head on. When asked why you were fired, answer honestly but with a reason for your actions and what you learned from it. NEVER speak negatively about the company or the manager who terminated your employment. Never make excuses or place blame on anyone other than yourself. Take responsibility for your actions but always have a statement about what you learned and why you won’t make the same mistake again.

Now go out and network. The best way to get a new job is by networking. Don’t be afraid of rejection because you will get some. Just keep going. It only takes one person willing to give you that second chance after you have been fired.


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