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More and more hiring managers in Ottawa are using phone interviews to screen candidates. This is usually the initial interview and if a screening interview goes well it is followed by a face to face interview. So how do you make the phone interview ‘stick’?

What is important on your side for a phone interview? There are several important factors to consider because you cannot see the hiring manager on the other end of the line and they cannot see you

  • Speak clearly and loudly without shouting
  • Smile
  • Research the job and the company – ask questions
  • Cut out any background noise
  • Be professional
  • No speakerphones
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Be concise
  • Follow up

Speak clearly and loudly without shouting. This is important because you are not face to face and you need to be sure the other person is not only able to hear you, but hear you correctly. So no shouting, but make sure you can be heard.

Smile while you are talking on the phone. There is no doubt that a smile can be heard over the phone. As someone who has managed call centers for many years, I know that what you hear on the other end of the phone is so much more pleasant when the telemarketer is smiling. The way the muscles in your face are formed when you smile changed the way you sound. Trust it. Do it.

Do your homework. Do you research on the company in Ottawa you are interviewing with so that you know what they are about and you can ask the interviewer intelligent questions. A phone interview is really not much different from a face to face interview with a few exceptions. This is not one of them. Find out how long they have been in business, any mergers, name changes, who are the key players, whether or not they are involved in the community. All of this is relevant information.

Cut out any background noise: This is vital to a phone interview. If your dogs are barking, if there is a lot of traffic noise, no family noise and if you are using a mobile device make sure you have a clear connection.

Be professional. Just because you might be in jeans and a t-shirt doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be professional and sound professional. Remember points one and two here. Speak clearly and smile.

No speakerphones: Don’t use a speakerphone whether you are on a mobile device or a landline. Speakerphones can distort the sound of your voice and the interviewer might get your answers but won’t get the enthusiasm or confidence in your voice.

Speaking of enthusiasm let it show. Be who you are. Don’t change your characteristics or even your physical mannerisms when you are talking on the phone. Let your normal body language be exposed. Again this will impact how you come across on the phone. You can do this interview in your jeans and t-shirt but you are better off doing it in business attire because it will put you in the mood.

Always remember, no matter how you approach it, this is an interview. Treat it as such and you will pass with flying colors.


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