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Job Offer

By Staff Writer

Now that you have been offered a job in Ottawa it is time to negotiate your offer. Not everyone will get to negotiate an offer, but at the higher management levels you do. So it is important to know how to negotiate, what to negotiate, when to give in and when to hold out.

Evaluating the Offer

Don’t accept the offer at face value and know that it is about more than salary and benefits. It is also about the specifics of the job. What is the title, the level of responsibility, the advancement opportunities and the specifics of the job?

In evaluating the offer you need to do more research about the company. Yes, you already did research before the interview but now you need to do even more. Get as much information as you possibly can before you accept an offer. See if you can find current employees on LinkedIn and see if they will talk with you about what they like and what they don’t like about the company.

Do research to find out what the future might look like at this company. You don’t want to accept an offer from a company that will be gone in a year. Now compare this offer with what you really want in a job. How close does this offer come?

What to Look for in an Offer

Be patient and take your time when reviewing a job offer. There are specific things you should be looking for in any job offer. Of course salary and benefits are important. Make sure you get what you need there. However there are other things to look for as well. Here are the items to look for:

Salary: Is the offer the same as what you discussed previously or what you had expected? When is the salary review date and is there any room for negotiation here? If you cannot negotiate the salary can you negotiate the salary review date?


What are the benefits that are being offered?  Once again is this what you expected?

How does this compare with what you have now or what you had before? Make sure you have the benefits information that you need and if you do not then call Human Resources and make sure you get it.

What are the premiums for the health insurance and what do you have to pay? Are they deducted from your pay? How much is taken each paycheck? Does it cover anything other than healthcare? When do the health benefits start? Waiving the probationary period might be negotiable.

Life Insurance/Long and Short Term Disability/AFLAC – are these offered and paid for by the company? If not ask for them.

Paid Time Off

Vacation/Sick Leave: if you are in management this should be negotiable and it is as valuable as the salary. Can you negotiate more time off and less salary if desired?  Can you take unpaid time off?

What are the holidays and sick days?


401k? Profit Sharing?


Company car or expense account/air travel benefits.

Compromise and flexibility on your part will be just as important as it is on the company side. Keep the conversation going and end the negotiation before the company does. You do not want any ‘take it or leave it’ statements before you ever start work.

Once the offer is where you are happy with it. Accept the offer!




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