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We have all learned many, many years ago that networking is an intricate part of the interview or job changing process in Ottawa. Yet the question that remains after all these years is: Do you get the best out of your networking? Most of us probably do not.

We know that effective networking in Ottawa can open doors in ways that nothing else can. These days however, we do about 70% of our personal interaction online and yet it is the in-person network event that yields the best results. So how do you go from successful interaction online to successful interaction face to face at a networking event? Here are some ideas:

  • Have an unselfish mindset – plan on helping others to reach their goals as well as expecting them to meet yours.
  • Know how to pitch your experience and when to stop and listen to the other. Know how to engage in active listening.
  • Horizontal networking- what is this? Don’t do all your networking at this event with CEO’s, Human Resource Directors and company personnel. Seek out other job seekers in your industry or in the industry that you are interested in. Let other job seekers know about jobs you heard of or interviewed for that was not the right fit for you. It just might be the right one for them. Believe me, help someone else get a job and they will remember you if they learn about a job.
  • Networking is all about relationships and they need to be nurtured. So after the networking event stay in touch with those people who can hire you and those who can help you. Who knows, you may even find a friend or two!

So while online networking has its advantages, there are also unexpected benefits that can come from attending in person. For some people, being able to go to an event in person helps them to give structure to their time if they are unemployed.

Having an event to go to can help to keep you motivated, in professional mode and prevents the isolation and depression that many unemployed people in Ottawa suffer from. Going to an event with the right attitude also allows you to compare your skills and experience with other candidates at the event. Those other candidates are your competition and it is always favorable to find out more about them while still attempting to build a serious relationship with them.

Don’t pass up the onsite, in person, face to face networking events in favor of only online networking, online resume posting and even online interviews. No – it is important to attend the events in person. Follow our advice so you are prepared and you can get the best out of the time you spend at the event. Make sure your resume is up to date and your presentation is as well!


Good luck!


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