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Enter Nursing School Now!

Whether you are a high school graduate in Ottawa, a newly minted college graduate or well into your career, if you have ever considered becoming a nurse you should seriously consider it now.

There is a current shortage of nurses in Ottawa that will lead to a future shortage of nurses. So if you enter nursing school now, you will be among the first classes that can really begin to address this shortage. There will be a lot of jobs available for you. If you want to make a difference in people’s lives in a job that garners much prestige and demands personal excellence, then nursing is for you.

Jobs for Everyone

There are an abundance of jobs in the nursing field in Ottawa today. 81% of all hiring managers in health care have said they have current openings. 23% of these managers have more than 20 job openings. Baby Boomers are retiring, the oldest Baby Boomers are aging and in need of more care, new technologies are in play and new specializations are appearing all the time. All of these factors create a booming job market and a lot of choices for nurses.

Over 53% of these hiring managers that have over 20 openings today expect to have even more openings next year while 45% more expect to have the same 20 openings. What does this mean for the nurses? Increased salaries will follow this level of demand because hiring managers will have to compete for the services of qualified and talented nurses. The bargaining power is in the hands of the nurses.

Qualifications Needed

It will take a little more than just getting a degree and becoming a licensed RN. In addition to the technical, medical skills, you will learn you also need to have the critical soft skills as well. The interaction with patients and their families falls more to the nurse than anyone else in the medical community especially when they are facing a crisis or a serious medical issue.

Finding the right mix of hard and soft skills is a major challenge for these health care hiring managers. The majority of these managers struggle to find qualified candidates and so it can take up to six weeks to fill the positions. For over 20% of these managers it takes over 7 weeks. There is an even greater market for the RN as there are so many LPNs still in the system even though most training programs no longer offer that slot.

With all this going in favor of the market for nurses continuing to grow over the next decade, it is time to evaluate your desire to enter this field. If you have ever considered becoming a nurse, if you are an LPN now, or if you are a Registered Nurse who wants a change, now is the time. Get into a RN program now before everyone else does!  The health care system is begging for your services and the rewards are all there for the taking.


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