Planning Today For Tomorrow’s Jobs



Photo Courtesy of Free Digital Photos

Photo Courtesy of Free Digital Photos

Planning Today for Tomorrow’s Jobs

Instead of working so hard now, it might make sense to use the same amount of time to plan and prepare for the jobs that will be available tomorrow. What are the fastest growing, high wage jobs that will be available in Ottawa say, 2020?  Instead of spinning your wheels, take the time now to put your passion, energy and time into that which will pay off for you in the future.

Some of these jobs of the future will require a masters or a doctoral degree, but some will be attainable with only a high school diploma or GED. Many of these types of jobs are ones that provide on the job training or apprentices. Some are seasonal or part time jobs as well. If you have minimal education and are not prepared to return to school for advanced degrees, here are some of those high paying jobs you could pursue right now, right here in Ottawa.

Drivers, both over the road or local as long as you have a CDL or Chauffeurs Driver’s License. You can make excellent money if you don’t mind the work and not being home at night. Machinists and machine operators are needed in almost every manufacturing environment. This is a challenging and well-paying position.

Welders and fork lift operators are usually employed in the manufacturing sector and those jobs are coming back now, along with warehouse fulfillment jobs. The administrative, sales and customer service representative opportunities are also available without a college or advanced degree and with good pay scales for most.

On the other hand if you can afford it and have a passion for learning and advancement there are several very high paying, fast growing jobs that you can train for now and which will be in high demand in six or seven years. Some of these occupations include:

How about going back to school to be a doctor or a surgeon? The pay is around $160,000 per year or a dentist at about $164,000.  Registered nurses will be in high demand and make about $57,000 while the physical therapist will earn $76,000 and the dental hygienist at $66,000.

In 2020 we will need more computer software engineers, secondary education teachers and plumbers at $72,000, $60,000 and $50,000 respectively. We will also need pharmacists and be willing to pay them $110,000 and a new job of the medical services manager who will earn about $76,000. Medical scientists will earn $90,000 while veterinarians will earn $78,000.

A few other good paying positions in 2020 will include the actuary at $88,000, radiologist at $56,000 and optometrist at $80,000.

Occupational therapists will be in high demand with an aging population and they will earn around $73,000 while physician assistants will earn over $85,000. With salaries this good and an abundance of opportunities, it makes sense to go back to school now if you can. You will then be prepared when 2020 rolls around and good jobs are available to you.


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