Preparing for the Interview


Take the Time to Prepare Then Ace That Interview

If we think the recruiting game has changed, it’s just the opposite for the interview. The format of the job interview has not changed much over the years. Most of us know what it is, and we think we know how to “win” it. Do you really know? Can you “ace” it? Let’s make sure that you can.

How to Prepare to Ace your Interview

The first thing you need to do as you prepare for your interview is not something everyone thinks about. Everyone thinks about the company, the questions, what to wear. They don’t think about preparing mentally and physically.

What does it mean to prepare mentally and physically?

  • Clear your mind the night before of everything but the calmest place in your being. If you meditate – then meditate. If you exercise or do yoga – exercise or do yoga. If you practice mindfulness, then practice. Whatever it takes to calm your mind and center your entire being. This will prepare you mentally.
  • Prepare yourself physically. Eat a decent meal the night before and breakfast the day of. Get a good night’s sleep. Of course, we all say these things before an interview but seldom do them. Make them a priority.

Actually, the next few things are out of order – you would do these preparation items before your mental and physical preparation. That preparation happens the night before. These items have to happen before that.

Of course, you want to research the company that you are interviewing.

  • The Industry: Most people when doing this research only look at the company and usually only superficially. If you want to ace the interview you need to do more. You need to go beyond the superficial knowledge of the company. Start with a clear understanding of the industry the company is in. How profitable is the industry? What challenges does the industry face?
  • The Company: Find out exactly what they do. Did they make a profit the past year? What is their profit ratio? Check their website and social media. Research company and industry news, anything you can find out. The more you know the better. Just be sure you understand what you learn. Have your phone set up with a google alert to tell you when there are new stories about the industry or company.
  • The Department: Most candidates will research the company maybe even the industry, but few will research the department they are interviewing with. This is how you ace your interview.
  • Your final area of preparation regarding the company is finding out if you know anyone who works there or in the industry. If so meet with them and learn as much as you can from them about the culture of the industry and the company.

Prepare Questions and Practice

  • Of course, everyone knows to prepare questions. Base your questions on what you learned about the industry, the company and the department. Make them specific enough to let the interviewer know you did your home work and general enough to get an overall picture of the situation.
  • Practice is not something everyone thinks about when doing interview preparation, but it is essential if you want to ace the interview. I would go one step further and either try to video tape your practice if you can or practice in front of another person. Either way, the important thing is to practice out loud and let others critic you. Practice how you present your skills and experience. Don’t read off your resume. Practice answering questions about yourself. Practice asking questions. Pay attention to your body language, your tone and your volume.

Now make sure you know what the dress code is and dress accordingly. Prepare yourself mentally and physically then go and ace that interview.


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