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In this electronic communication world it is more important than ever that when you sit down to write your resume you keep it strictly professional and of high quality. Remember that one of the primary ways that you will use to get your resume into the hands of a hiring manager is email.

You are going to email your resume to a lot of people and the last thing you want if for it to end up in the SPAM folder and no one ever sees it. If this happens you will probably never know that it did. You simply will never get any kind of response.

Keep Your Resume Out of the Spam File

  • If you are responding to an ad that asks you to email your resume, follow whatever directions it says about where and who to send it to. Be careful not to deviate from these instructions if you want your resume to land in the hiring managers hands. Follow the directions to the letter – no deviation of any kind. If they tell you to put something specific in the subject line do it. They will have software that screens out emails but not when the subject line contains information that they told you to put there.
  • Never leave the subject line blank as spam software filters will weed these out,
  • Always use plain text as HTML might be flagged.
  • Don’t send your resume to multiple recipients at the same time.

Keep the Personal Out of Your Resume

  • No personal information about your family or marital status
  • No information about personal beliefs or political beliefs unless applying for a ‘political’ job.
  • Hobbies and special interests are questionable unless they can be shown to either relate to the job you are applying for directly or provide you with skills that are specifically beneficial for the job you are applying for.
  • Volunteer activities are something that shows commitment and leadership and always looks professional on your resume.

Keep Your Resume Current

If you want your resume to be seen as professional then keep it current. It is not ok to pull out last year’s version and just send it off without any revisions. What did you accomplish in the past year? Add any new skills, new achievements and make sure you note that these achievements were in the recent year.

Certainly you had some professional development activity in the last year. You will certainly want to include any recent classes, workshops or presentations you attended either in-house or out.

Update it now while you can take your time. You don’t want to be desperate for a new job and trying to update you resume in a hurry so you can send it out. Little things make a difference in the professionalism of the resume and little things get missed when you are rushed.

Have someone else review your resume for errors of any kind. Proofread it very closely. Any mistake is a big mistake when you want your resume to be as professional as possible.


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