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How to get a job in Ottawa as a new immigrant

Are you looking for jobs in Ottawa and interested in moving to Canada? Moving to a new country is not always easy. First you have to go through the legal process of applying for a visa or residency, or if you are lucky you get a job with a company that will help speed up …

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Preparing for the Interview

Take the Time to Prepare Then Ace That Interview

If we think the recruiting game has changed, it’s just the opposite for the interview. The format of the job interview has not changed much over the years. Most of us know what it is, and we think we know how to “win” it. Do you …

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After the Interview

After the Interview
So, you got the interview for the job you really wanted. You did your preparation and you think you had a great interview. In fact, you think you “aced” it. Yet you know there was stiff competition for this highly sought after job. So, what now? What can you do after the …

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Available Jobs in Ottawa – June 18th, 2018

Myers Kemptville Chev Buick GMC – is looking for a qualified, highly motivated individual to assist in the service department.
Male/female candidates must have a proven commitment to customer satisfaction and enjoy a fast-paced environment.

Duties include:
Contacting our service customers via phone and email to update customers on:
Recommended service,…

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Making The Phone Interview Stick

Resume Service On Phone With Resume

More and more hiring managers in Ottawa are using phone interviews to screen candidates. This is usually the initial interview and if a screening interview goes well it is followed by a face to face interview. So how do you make the phone interview ‘stick’?

What is important on your side for a phone interview? …

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Networking 101

Success Resume Service


We have all learned many, many years ago that networking is an intricate part of the interview or job changing process in Ottawa. Yet the question that remains after all these years is: Do you get the best out of your networking? Most of us probably do not.

We know that effective networking in …

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Job Interview Follow Ups

Success Resume Service

Follow-up and Get the Job

In this electronic day and age in Ottawa, you might think it is ok to just dash off one ‘Thank you’ email and move on to the next interview. This might have worked once upon a time but it is no longer sufficient. You don’t want to overdo it, but …

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Thank You Letter

Too Many Thank You’s Could Cost You the Job

I know that every professional career coach or executive recruiter in Ottawa has encouraged every single client to follow up their interviews with thank you notes. It is critical for you to do so, however it seems that too many thank you’s could cost you that …

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How To Get Hired After Getting Fired

Now Hiring Resume Service

How to Get Hired after Getting Fired    

It may seem like a daunting task to go out and look for a job in Ottawa after being fired from you last one. What do you say to the potential new employer? Did you get fired or downsized? The result is the same but the circumstances and …

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Headhunting Jobs

Health Care Jobs

Be Your Own Headhunter

In this article, we are going to look how you can be your own headhunter and do the things head hunter would normally do, especially in an employer driven economy.

The reason it is important to know how to be your own headhunter in an employer driven economy is because when …

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