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Photo Courtesy of Free Digital Photos

Photo Courtesy of Free Digital Photos

Too Many Thank You’s Could Cost You the Job

I know that every professional career coach or executive recruiter in Ottawa has encouraged every single client to follow up their interviews with thank you notes. It is critical for you to do so, however it seems that too many thank you’s could cost you that job.

Here’s the scenario:

You submitted a great resume in order to get the interview. You spent a lot of time on your resume and you had it proofed many times to make sure it was perfect before you sent it out.

The interview went incredibly well and you were well prepared for every question that was asked. This is because you spent a lot of time rehearsing and researching so that you are so well prepared there could not be any errors.

Now the interview is over and you are sky high because you love what they told you about the company. You are excited about the job itself and you liked the people you met. You also know that you nailed it and will probably be getting an offer.

So now you want to follow up with a thank you note like you have been told by everyone along the way in your search. How could this possibly hurt your chances?


Remember how much time you took in preparing, reviewing, revising and again reviewing your resume? Do you remember how much time you took in preparing, researching and practicing your answers to every possible question?

Now it is time to send the thank you note and nobody is taking any kind of time. You grab a thank you card, jog a note and mail it off .No one proofs it, No one reads it before you send it. In your mind speed is of the essence as it was not with the resume and interview preparation. So what is the problem? Typos are the problem. An amazing number of candidates blow their chances at that dream job because their thank you note is full of typos. Let someone else read it before you send it.

Be On Time

Saying thank you and showing gratitude and respect is indeed a very important part of the job hunt process. You want to do it right but you also want to be timely. Don’t send it a week or two after the interview. Make sure it goes out within 48 hours. Just take time to proof it.

Personalize It

One of the worst things you can do with a thank you note is to say one size fits all. Do not send a generic thank you. Pick out one or three things you talked about in the interview and express your interest. Don’t make it personal – keep it professional – but do make it specific to your interview.

None at All

Last but certainly not least is not sending a thank you at all. This would be the worst thing you could possibly do and might cost you the job if the next best candidate sends proper thank yous after the interview.


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