Got the Job Now What?


Got the Job

By Staff Writer

You’ve hammered out your offer and signed on the dotted line. You start Monday morning at 8:30 a.m.  so now what?

Nerves start to set in and the best way to deal with them is to have a plan. Sit down now and lay out your plan once you get past the company orientation.

What to do First

  • Plan a meeting with your boss after orientation is over. Lay out an agenda of what you would like to accomplish with some timelines and hear what she has  to say and what he would like to see in those same time-frames.

Ask him to go over the job description with you again and state his expectations. Find out who you meet with regularly and when those meetings are. When are your reports due to him?


  • Get to know your work space and your colleagues in the immediate neighborhood. Walk the building and note where the important meeting rooms are, where the important offices are, shared resources such as copiers, and find the break room. Find the bathrooms and where the office supplies are kept. Find out where Materials Management lives if they have that department.


  • Study your job and all the materials, equipment and supplies that go along with it. Spend time studying all of this and make sure you know how these supplies will be used and what you need most in your job. Review files and documentation from work done previously. Study what your predecessor did well and what you can improve on.


  • Observe what is going on in your department. Take time to “walk the floor” and observe what is happening and who is doing what. Sit with a few people and observe in detail what their roles are. Try to assimilate your knowledge of how your job fits in. Pay particular attention to the informal structure that is in place. Who are the leaders in this informal structure? Who are the information people? Who has information and who gives up information? All of these are important things to know in order to accomplish your goals through this informal structure.


  • Say thank you. Go look up everyone you met at your interview(s) and thank them for their time and their support. Express your pleasure at the chance to work with them.


  • Find out what the ‘ramp up time’ is for the job. Use that time to the best of your ability to become a part of the gang and have fun while you are learning the job. Use this time to find out who you want to associate with. Who are the slackers and who are the hard workers? You will want to figure that out now and been seen with the workers. Don’t get off on the wrong foot by being seen hanging out with the slackers.

It is easy to be so excited when starting a new job in Ottawa. The best way to handle this is to focus on making a to do list for your first few days and working your way through it.




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