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After many years in the workplace, you are more than ready to take the necessary steps toward being a leader in Ottawa. You want to be in your field as long as it is possible and you would like to take a leadership role in that field. How is that best accomplished and what if anything should you do to prepare for leadership?

If you want to move up the chain of command in your organization, you will need to learn to be diplomatic and get along with everyone as needed. If you are being promoted to management and you don’t get along with your boss, then you are not likely to succeed long term in management.

Today’s manager is not the somewhat dictator of the olden days. Today’s manager, while not everybody’s friend, is no one’s enemy either. Diplomacy has replaced criticism. Getting along with those who are difficult to get along with is the hallmark of today’s managers.

Today’s manager is assertive without being aggressive.  Today’s manager has excellent communication skills and can say what they think while maintaining respect and respectful behavior toward the other person regardless of their attitude. Today’s manager has learned to get what they need while giving the other something that they need and never invalidating the other person in order to validate themselves. Today’s managers are inoffensive and tactful.

Traits of an Effective Leader

  • They have outstanding problem solving abilities. They are able to bring a borderline situation under control and ask for everyone’s input. They never insist that they have the answer. They ask you what you would do to solve the problem and they incorporate your input into the solution.
  • Active Listening Skills:  They listen without forming an opinion until they truly understand what the problem is. They make sure they understand the other and if for any reason they don’t they will ask questions to make sure that they do.
  • For today’s successful manager every situation is a win-win situation. He wants and makes sure there are no losers. Find out what the problem is and analyze it. Now let’s find a compromise – that is a win-win position.
  • The win-win manager of today might not always agree with an employee and it is ok if you don’t. It is more about respect that about agreement.

For today’s manager the story is about tolerance, respect and understanding. As you can see I have used the word respect over and over again in these traits of an effective leader. The manager that can be tolerant of views different than her own while holding onto her own will be much more effective than the one who can only see their own point of view. The effective leader today will not only exhibit this with his words and actions, but he will also exhibit it with his body language.

Today’s manager will have positive and non-defensive body language. Their voice will be calm, their tone even. Their body will be relaxed under even the most trying of circumstances and they will above all make and maintain eye contact.



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